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- Who is David Petersen? -


Dave is a “computer guy” who specializes in creative solutions for effective communications and marketing-related activities.

In a nutshell, I have a BA in Communications, with additional concentrations in the areas of business, marketing, and the visual & graphic arts. My experiences include responsibilities in corporate communications, marketing management, retail management, technical computer support, technical sales support, art direction, computer graphics, exhibit design & fabrication, copy writing & editing, print management, photography, video/audio production, and web site authoring, hosting, and content management. (a.k.a. Marketing Dude)


What's this design stuff?

Petersen Design is a part-time freelance enterprise which I started many years ago, and which continues to operate in my "spare time." Rest assured that I also try to step away from my computers just long enough to experience the joys of life in the RW (Real World).

More about the design stuff can be found in my portfolio.


Do you also have, uh mm, a job?

In my "Day Job" I am a communications professional with extensive experience in employee communications, community outreach, media relations, crisis communications, public relations, marketing communications, and all things related...

At this stage in my career, I am seeking a new challenge. Please contact me if you know of a company that may be interested in my particular skill set.


Hello in there! Anything happening besides the work stuff?

IRL (in real life), I'm trying to pay as much attention as possible to the exploits of my three sons (that would be my kids, not My Three Sons). With one a freshman at Pitt, one in 11th grade, and one in 8th grade, life is never dull! Soccer, volleyball, skateboarding, bikes, street hoops, video games, ice cream, trumpet, guitar, honor roll. Good kids. Lots of testosterone. So proud of each one.

When I can take time for my own pursuits, the list includes movies, a few TV shows, music, reading, cooking, coffee shops, taking walks, and time at the beach. I also like to keep up to date on technology, especially computing. Maybe someday I can get back into some of the activities I enjoyed before the kids, like international travel, art museums, woodworking, bicycling, backpacking, and getting lost in the woods.


Wow! We've gotta talk. Soon. Now.

I usually check my email "about a million times" a day. (I'm one of those people that will check for new messages and then, if there aren't any, I will keep clicking the button to check again, as if something must be wrong.)


Thanks for surfing into my corner of the web. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please consider taking the time to come back again—you never know when that next tidbit of info will be added.


Best Regards,

David Petersen


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