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Letters of Reference

Vice President of Marketing:

"Dave Petersen brings innovation and creativity to his work which are the trademark of the most successful Marketing professionals… He is a proven asset who will be an upgrade to any marketing organization."

Vice President of Engineering:

"Mr. Petersen is a pleasure to work with. He is open to new ideas, thorough, punctual, listens to and takes appropriate action when given feedback and is very talented in his art."

Regional Communications Manager (immediate supervisor):
“David is a talented and highly skilled communications professional with a thoughtful approach to delivering excellent products and service. He is conscientious, thorough and detail-oriented and will always deliver high-quality service – on budget and with panache. David independently and proactively prepares and targets concise messages, and he establishes rapport compassionately with diverse audiences in delivering them. From analyzing the big picture and determining needs, to preparing and developing attractive and useful communications materials, to implementing successful plans that capture the objective and get the job done, David’s strengths are many. But his ability to combine his superlative communications skills with a high degree of creativity and insight is an invaluable asset to any team.”
Communications Manager (peer in corporate communications):

“Dave is an awesome person to have on your team. Dave and I worked closely together to strategize ideas, build support from our constituents and ultimately deliver high quality products. I can't think of a better person I could have to cover for me when I was away from the office. I trusted Dave to deliver communications for me in my absence. A true team player.”



"Dave has been an integral part of the global marketing communications team and will be missed." - Manager, Internal Communications

"From our side here [in Europe], thanks a lot for your help, cooperation, and nice way of working together." - VP Sales, European Division

"Your support of our company-wide communications program has been very much appreciated, and your own marketing communications successes are to be applauded. You have clearly done a very good job." - Manager, Corporate Communications

"Looks like Dave's work is getting some nice recognition [from Corporate]…Congratulations on the work and the recognition" - Division President

"Thanks again for all of your help and the prompt response to my request. The materials are absolutely wonderful. I am sure that [Corporate VP] and [VP Corporate Marketing] will be delighted." - I. T. Manager

"[VP Corporate Marketing] was very pleased with the materials you provided and the outstanding effort that you put forth in development, delivery, and support of the division website. She commented about the wonderful job you've done in following corporate standards, establishing your interactive catalog, and your use of PDF files as a way to provide hard copies of product specifications. She was impressed by the website statistics which show a PDF file download for every 1.5 visits to the site. By providing this download/print capability, the division saves money in printing and mailing. [VP] also requests that you join the Web Editorial Board so you can share ideas with others in the corporate family." - I. T. Division Manager

"I just wanted to let you know how much I like your website. Very clean, and very nicely laid-out. I was also impressed by your attention to the history of the company, and the history of your industry. History is something so MANY companies, and their people, seem to ignore and forget. I was fascinated by your app note that reviewed how the crystal industry was really started by radio amateurs. Very nice reading. Again, a great site. Many kudos to your website team! - President, Precision Machine Tool Company.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with the brochure. The response at regional and national levels has been overwhelmingly positive. The professional appearance has done much to establish our credibility in the world of nursing education." - President, Nursing Education Company

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